CFX brings a disruptive indicator for financial markets based on Blockchain technology

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CryptoFXForinvest is born after an experience of over 30 years by Forinvest, created and managed by the same Founder and CEO, Marco Mottana. During his career, he has received extensive recognition and awards by the financial community where he has achieved a strong reputation with Forinvest trough many years of constant effort in the most serious way.

Born today, but with 30 years of recognized results

What makes CFX unique?
CFX Sentiment will represent pure, real “sentiment”. Expressed not only by market participants but also from NON-participants. Their feeling is important, as we believe it influences the behavior of operators, but is usually very hard and costly to measure. With CFX Token we can do it in the fastest and most reliable way, with the help of thousands of people – the CFX token owners – all around the world. Our cost is the remuneration we offer these people to give their opinion. CryptoFXForinvest will generate this one by managing with its Trading Systems enriched by Sentiment Indicator the funds received in ICO for its distributed Tokens. After this from its Institutional Clients who will use the same Systems, unique on the market and with proven performance
CFX 3 System beliefs
Financial need: People need to increase their financial income to live in today’s ever-consuming world. They can’t do this dedicating more time to work and less to the family: they deserve a better chance.

Sharing cooperation: Trying to achieve results by operating alone today is a wrong way. With the online revolution and Blockchain security today millions of people can cooperate to achieve the greatest result with only a fraction of effort by themselves. We strongly believe this is the best way to follow.

Today we're building a new world: It all starts with the disruption of the previous one, who can no longer support the needs of billions of people. Who understand and believe that it is possible to transform it, can start a new life in a word that helps to build with own brain.

The idea
The idea
The advent of Blockchain technology makes possible for the first time the creation of a Sentiment Index on world markets, always analysed by Forinvest and now by the newborn CFX. Thanks to the Blockchain, all the owners of the cryptocurrency issued by it can participate in the creation of the Sentiment Index, obtaining a remuneration for their contribution. A small effort by many will bring an important result.

Token Functionality

Security Token - ERC20

Our CFX Security Token, Ethereum blockchain based, standard ERC20, will give each owner a dividend on Company’s return . CFX tokens will also give its owners the possibility to communicate own sentiment on Markets; Currencies; Cryptocurrencies; Gold and others just by clicking a dApp on smartphone and earning money bonuses for the contribution.

CFX Security Token will be negotiable within 60 days from STO – Security Token Offer – end, at public and recognized exchange. Every owner before this time will certainly have a lock-up period which will guarantee all owners of no possibility to dump prices at the initial phase of negotiation, such as the case for many other coins.

Trading System Creation
Deep study, use and test of technical, quantitative and statistic analyses with virtual testing on real market of the Trading Systems to be utilized.
2016, May – 2018, April
Sentiment Index Concept
Sentiment Index is processed on a theoretical basis with the definition of a creation and implementation in Trading Systems Plan.
2017, September – 2018, May
Holding Company constitution
CFX Holding Ltd. is constituted in Malta. Right after it creates CFX Advanced Ltd - CryptoFXForinvest. (frome here “CFX” in present Road Map).At same time is decided to enroll STO Financial Advisors and Legals
2018, 21 June
Start Private sale first phase
Reserved to family, friends, collegues and CFX internal and external staff.
2018, July presale - 2nd November
Trading System will be tested with Company’s financial trading in the market to verify obtainable results with a very prudent application.
2018, October - 2019, October
Private sale second phase
Reserved to first subscribers parents and friends. They have the possibility to be introduced to company top management and book CFX Token at very favorable conditions, up to a certain limit of quantity communicated by company’s top management.
2018, 3rd November - 31st November
Private sale third phase
2018, 1st December - 2019, 31st July
Public Presale
Possibility to subscribe CFX Token at favorable conditions, All info about this will always be published on this site.
2019, September
As soon as MSFA procedures will be completed, STO will take place. It should occur anytime between Feb/March and June.
2019, October/November
CFX Tokens assignment
Within 3 days from ICO end all Tokens subscribed and paid in ICO and presale ICO periods will be assigned on their owners wallet, according to KYC requirements.
3 day by STO end
Listed at Exchange
CFX Tokens will be negotiable at one or more public exchange at market price within 60 days from STO end.
at STO end


Marco Mottana
Co-Founder of CFX, CryptoFXForinvest. He was FORINVEST co-founder, in 1987. The first company to introduce Technical Analysis in Italy. has been the co-founder of the first specialized newsstands magazine entirely dedicated to it; co-founder of the initial SIAT; author of best-selling books on Technical Analysis he has always operated with best professionals worldwide.
Renato Avanzini
Renato Avanzini
Quick thinker, Visionary IT professional with 30 years industry experience in technology, security and finance. At the forefront of Internet introduction into Italy in the late 80s born from a deep passion for IT. Continuing today to lead and explore both in the International arena and in Italy.
Avramis Despotis
Avramis Despotis
Main mind over the Trading System on Currency used by CFX, which shows over 150.000 Pip earned in little more than 2 years daily trading. He has taught advanced Analysis to over 3,000 Students working for major financial institution worldwide among which Reuters; HSBC; Deutsche Bank; Saxo Bank.
Fabrizio Crimi
Fabrizio Crimi Co-founder of CFX CryptoFXForinvest
Top manager and entrepreneur in the iGaming world, he is a Maltese residence for 10 years.

In the Island, he created an extensive network of institutional references, with whom he has completed different business projects/investments. He presently maintains first level business relations for CFX headquarters, based in Malta.



I can see that Forinvest still surprises the market, after its debut a long time ago, back at the end of the ‘80s. At that time it brought Technical Analysis, now is Blockchain applied to Sentiment Index. Itwas and remainvanguard, thereis no doubt.
In our profession technical instruments are essentials. Fact is that they must be created from who is authoritive and extremely professional on this very delicate matter.